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  • Thin-Type MP3 Replay Alarm Device, BSV

    Thin-Type MP3 Replay Alarm Device, BSV


    The thin-type device design helps to save on space. Installed with a 15-pitch standard alarm (please be careful, as the sound source will be deleted if altered). [Features] ・ Easy mounting from the front. ・ A thin and compact design with a thickness of just 19.9 mm. ・ Can be used for both panel and wall surface mounting. ・ A thin and high-volume type with a maximum output of 87 dB (at 1 m). ・ The sound level can be adjusted by using the volume control on the front surface of the main unit. ・ Can be set to a wide variety of playback modes according to the application at hand. ・ Signal input muting function included (the number of messages is limited when using the muting function). ? Compatible with transistor open collectors.

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  • Leakage Fire Alarm, AGD

    Leakage Fire Alarm, AGD


    Leakage Fire Alarm, AGD [Features] ・ The latest version of a long selling product with a track record of 30 years in the industry. ・ Achieves a compact size while maintaining basic functions. ・ The surface type is made compact while maintaining mounting dimensions as is. The rectangular embedded type is modified in such a way that the volume ratio is approximately half (except AGD-U2). ・ With the built-in digital filter, the effect of high frequency noise is reduced and the monitoring of leakage at a higher accuracy level is realized. ・ The output contact consists of 1c + 1a× number of monitoring circuits, enabling remote monitoring via an external signal contact and alarm output for each monitoring circuit. The rectangular embedded type is also equipped with a built-in buzzer (except AGD-U2). ・ Alarm output can be sent to a preferred external buzzer. ・ All updated products offer both automatic reset and manual reset (AGD-N5, AGD-NY5, and AGD-N52).

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  • Leakage Fire Alarm, AGD, Option

    Leakage Fire Alarm, AGD, Option


    Leakage Fire Alarm, AGD, Option

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  • Thin Type MP3 Playback Alarm Model BSV-L
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