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  • AC Axial Fan, R87F / R87T

    AC Axial Fan, R87F / R87T


    [Features] · Axial fan that achieves optimum cooling with a wide variety of options. · Designed for low noise, long life, and weather resistance. · Highly reliable ball bearings are used as bearings. · Product assortment includes plastic wing specification 44 and metal wing specification 28 series. · Product assortment includes the water-resistant AC axial fan-shaped R87T-AA15H-WR (protective structure IPX7). ▪ Conforms to CE standards, and certified under UL standards and CSA standards.

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  • Box Fan, R87B

    Box Fan, R87B


    [Features] · Simple "single action" mount axial flow fan unit. ▪ Wide array of options, including single, double, and triple fans. · Since the mounting hole is square, and the hole machining surface is hidden, machining can be easily. · Equipped with accessories with selectable up/down orientation (useful in narrow spaces) for opening and shutting the cover (finger guard, filters, plug cord, mounting screws). · Replacement filters and attachments for intake and exhaust ports are available as options. · A complete lineup of single, double, and triple fans, with 8 plastic wing and 8 metal wing models.

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