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  • IT Accessory Case

    IT Accessory Case


    An inner-shell case providing easy storage of small parts. [Features] · Lets you store PCs, mice, and other small parts. · Impact-absorbing low-resilience urethane is housed inside the gusset. · Comes with a handle, making it easy to carry around or put it in/take it out of a bag. · Includes a D-ring for adding a shoulder belt (not included). · Uses a mesh pocket to make it easier to see what's inside. · With a carrier supporter passing through the carrier handle. · A4-sized documents can be stored in the back pocket.

    Days to Ship
    4 Day(s) or more
  • Hard Tool Case

    Hard Tool Case


    [Features] · A hard case, convenient for carrying and storing precision instruments. · A durable hard case made of PP resin that is resilient against external impact. · Ideal for carrying and storing precision instruments and PCs. · Stored instruments are securely protected by a sized to fit removable block shaped cushion and a corrugated cushion. · Comes with a key for security and peace of mind.

    Days to Ship
    5 Day(s)
  • Three-Way Business Bag

    Three-Way Business Bag


    Lightweight three-way business bag. Can store a 15.6-inch wide notebook PC and 10.1-inch tablet. [Features] · Lightweight three-way business bag, ideal for commuting. · This three-way bag can be carried as a rucksack, shoulder bag, or with the handle. · Includes carrier supporter. Ideal for business trips. · Your personal computers can be stowed in the thickly cushioned pocket. · Featuring easy-to-use front pockets and sub pockets. · Equipped with separate pockets for a tablet and smartphone.

    Days to Ship
    5 Day(s)
  • PC Inner Bag

    PC Inner Bag


    A simple inner bag that can store adapters and mice together (comes with a shoulder strap) [Features] · A simple inner bag that can store multiple adapters etc. · Features a shoulder strap so that it can also be used as a bag. · Has thick cushioning for safely protecting notebook PCs. · Can store notebook PCs, AC adapters, and mice, etc. · The front pocket is equipped with a pocket for inserting pens and other small items.

    Days to Ship
    5 Day(s)
  • Slim Inner Case

    Slim Inner Case


    A slim inner case with large front pocket and handle

    Days to Ship
    5 Day(s)
  • Casual PC Bag

    Casual PC Bag


    [Features] · The length of the handle can be adjusted to fit your style. · A slim, stylish casual bag that can be adjusted to your preferred handle length. · The handle can be lengthened for use as a shoulder tote, or shortened for use as a briefcase. · Can hold small items such as adapters together with a personal computer. · Has a magazine pocket on the back. · Has a pocket for a cell phone and a pocket for small items.

    Days to Ship
    5 Day(s)
  • Shoulder Belt

    Shoulder Belt


    Shoulder Belt (Removable-Pad Type, Type with Handle Supporter) [Features] · A well-cushioned shoulder belt that reduces the burden placed on the user's shoulder. · An air cell made from environmentally-friendly urethane rubber distributes weight and reduces pressure on the shoulder. · Provides potential shiatsu-style effects for your body.

    Days to Ship
    5 Day(s)
  • Smart Business PC Bag

    Smart Business PC Bag


    A PC bag with low-resilience urethane for superior shock absorption. [Features] · Uses shock-absorbent materials: Low-resilience urethane foam is added to the bottom of the PC storage chamber. · Protects against shock. · Includes carrier supporter: Carrier supporter included for passing through carrier or cart handles. · Combine with a carrier for easy transport. · Detail-oriented design; the shoulder pad is designed to fit your shoulder; a combination of materials with different textures provide a cool, business-like appearance. · With fastener lock: Fastener lock provides full protection against theft or unwanted access.

    Days to Ship
    5 Day(s)
  • Shock Absorption Inner Case

    Shock Absorption Inner Case


    Folding type handle + bottom reinforcing EVA foam built in, shock absorption inner case [Features] · Powerful protection with a 3D mesh inside and a low repulsion polyurethane cushion. · Equipped with a handle convenient for carrying. · The user can secure the handle in the case main body when not in use. · Uses low repulsion polyurethane with an excellent shock absorption effect. · Employs a 3D (steric structure) mesh cushion on one side of the interior, protecting equipment from shock more powerfully. · Has a built-in urethane foam at the bottom of the case that protects equipment from falling to the bottom. · Comes with a large-capacity pocket with a margin, where you can store small objects such as card readers and CDs.

    Days to Ship
    5 Day(s)
  • MagSafe Power Adapter Case

    MagSafe Power Adapter Case


    Stylish storage for MacBook power supply [Features] · A dedicated power adapter case. · Fits a MacBook Pro/Air charging adapter perfectly; without cable tangling. · Thick urethane foam protects against scratches and shock.

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    3 Day(s) or more


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