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Data Logger

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  • Simple Power Logger, ZN-CTX/CTS/CTM

    Simple Power Logger, ZN-CTX/CTS/CTM


    [Features] · Conduct checks on site when needed. · Simple power logger allowing for smart checking of multiple types of circuits from device power to switch board power. · Equipped with a LAN port that allows for remote monitoring and setting parameters from a PC/PLC. · AC adapter supports logging over a long period of time. · SD card slot for easy data collection. · Alarm output to indicate errors. Measurement range of 0.03 to 400 A (Five CT types).

    Days to Ship
    42 Day(s) or more
  • High Accuracy Temperature and Humidity Logger, ZN-THS-S/ZN-THX11-S

    High Accuracy Temperature and Humidity Logger, ZN-THS-S/ZN-THX11-S


    [Features] · Easy temperature and humidity control with an SD card. OMRON's high accuracy temperature and humidity logger is the first system of its kind that collects data with an SD card with the highest level of sensor accuracy in its class. · Capable of fine-tuned control of temperature and humidity at various points on a manufacturing line, as well as efficient collection and transferring of data. · Also equipped with an alarm that quickly warns of any abnormal temperature or humidity in order to accurately accommodate precision quality control needs. · Simply insert the SD card to collect data only when data is needed. · The main unit memory stores a maximum of approximately 8500 items of data. · Measured data is transferred/saved to the SD card in CSV format. · Recording to the main unit memory can continue even when data is collected on the SD card. · Can record until the memory is full with the SD card inserted. (Can record approximately 17 million records in 1 GB for a period of five years at a measurement interval of 10 seconds.) · Fully loaded with useful functions in a small package. · Excellent and highly accurate measurements. · Capable of highly accurate measurements with a temperature resolution of 0.1°C and humidity accuracy within ±2.5%. Can contribute to quality improvement with more accurate temperature and humidity control. · Operable for approximately one year with two commercially-available AAA batteries. · Recorded data is retained even if the battery is drained thanks to built-in backup functionality.

    Days to Ship
    43 Day(s)
  • Clamp Power Logger, ZN-CTC11

    Clamp Power Logger, ZN-CTC11


    [Features] · One touch installation makes this problem frustration free. Power Logger with Integrated Clamp

    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s)
  • DC Clamp Logger, ZN-DCC11

    DC Clamp Logger, ZN-DCC11


    Easy measurement of direct current values. Logger with Integrated Clamp [Features] · Logging can be started with a push of a button. Data is logged to the internal memory at predetermined intervals (default is one second). · Logged data, as well as average/maximum/minimum values, can be viewed in real time. · High speed sampling. As low as 500 ms sampling. · Long lasting battery. Capable of recording data for up to six days when fully charged. *At a recording interval of one second (23°C). · The battery lasts for approximately 27 days at a recording interval of one minute. · Environmentally tolerant. · Operating temperature range: -10°C - +55°C. · Usable in extreme temperatures.

    Days to Ship
    42 Day(s)


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