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Braided Tubes

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  • Braided Tube

    Braided Tube


    Highly flexible EMC-tolerant shielded braided tube which is wrapped in tin-plated copper foil to heat resistant threads. [Features] Shield tubing which is reticulated by wrapping bell-plated copper foil onto a heat resistant polyester. Because of the excellent extensibility and the fact that the shield is made thin by the use of copper foil, the shielding is optimal for wires that are used for elbow parts or moving parts. Two-fold extensibility means that additional wiring can be added after initial installation.

    Days to Ship
    1 Day(s) or more
  • Net Tube

    Net Tube


    This product is a standard net tube (we also carry a lightweight and abrasion resistant net tube that is certified flame retardant rating of UL224 VW-1). [Features] • Prevents abrasion of electrical wiring, wires, and tubes. • Although this product is lightweight, it has superior durability. • Easy to mount. • Conforms perfectly to any shape. • The netting shape prevents heat and moisture from accumulating on the inside. • Operating temperature range: -70°C to 125°C.

    Days to Ship
    2 Day(s)
  • YHK tube sleeve protection tube (Weather, heat resistance, and chemical resistance with flame retardancy)

    YHK tube sleeve protection tube (Weather, heat resistance, and chemical resistance with flame retardancy)


    [Features] · A protective sleeve for nylon material hydraulic hoses. · A braided nylon sleeve with excellent flexibility. · For use as a hydraulic pressure protective cover for hydraulic rubber hoses in industrial machinery, etc. · Tightly woven nylon braid — prevents leakage of hydraulic fluid from ruptured hoses. · Superior weather/heat/chemical/abrasion resistance, durability, and flame-retardant performance.

    Days to Ship
    4 Day(s) or more
  • Through tube

    Through tube


    Protection and bundling tube with superior elasticity; wide selection including a range of minimum diameters of φ3 - φ90 (compression expansion diameter) [Features] · Structure does not generate unevenness on the main line bar and so improves workability during assembly. · The insulated tube allows the user to use the product with confidence.

    Days to Ship
    8 Day(s) or more
  • SU Tube

    SU Tube


    This net-like tube fits any shape. Optimal for robots and other mobile equipment.

    Days to Ship
    5 Day(s) or more
  • Noise protection sleeve

    Noise protection sleeve


    Sleeves for noise countermeasures that offer excellent elasticity and flexibility [Features] · Because of the excellent elasticity, when compressed the diameter expands approximately 1.5–4 times. · Excellent flexibility and shield countermeasures for moveable parts. · Exhibits excellent shielding by weaving conductive threads. · There are four sizes from φ 15 to φ 19 and coating that are perfect for the wiring is available. · Fits on any shape using a flexible material to create an attractive appearance. · No moisture or heat is allowed within because of the mesh type.

    Days to Ship
    8 Day(s) or more
  • Polyester braided MT sleeve

    Polyester braided MT sleeve


    Polyester fiber and braided, wiring protection tube. · Excellent flexibility, elasticity, and stretching properties due to braided structure. [Features] ・Uses special fibers of polyester, for smoothness and superior strength. ・Due to braided structure, is approximately three times stretchier than conventional tubes, which allows for excellent workability in wiring bundling.  (Note) Depending on series number, the extent to which it can be stretched will vary. ・Excellent heat and cold resistance due to high properties of fabric material (-75°C to +150°C). ・Due to the excellent elasticity of the sheath, the interior can be checked even after coatding, and the cause of faulty wiring can be identified. ・Useful in preventing condensation inside coating due to air permeability.

    Days to Ship
    2 Day(s)
  • Noise-protected mesh

    Noise-protected mesh【5-10 Pieces Per Package】


    Exhibits excellent shielding effect through lap winding. [Features] Exhibits superior shielding by lap winding 1/2 each of tape to the cable or wire harness. After braiding thin wires and folding in half, flexibility is high. Superior corrosion resistance from plating wire. Mesh types do not allow moisture or heat inside.

    Days to Ship
    8 Day(s) or more
  • Heragain elastic braided sleeve

    Heragain elastic braided sleeve


    Material combustion test certified product for trains and motor vehicles. For prevention of various types of wire wear and damage when bundling. [Features] · Wiring protective sleeve with superior flexibility and give thanks to the braided polyester mono-filament with superior wear resistance and flexibility. · A gap is created by the braided structure, so heat and moisture will not be locked in, and identification and inspection of the attached wiring can easily be performed. · Internal diameter spreads up to 3 times with compression, meaning one size supports a wide range of wire bundle diameters. · Lightweight and resilient with easy sliding for easy cable feed. · Standard grade and flame retardant grade products are combustion test certified for trains and motor vehicles.

    Days to Ship
    4 Day(s) or more
  • Elastic braided sleeve wire gain flame retardant grade

    Elastic braided sleeve wire gain flame retardant grade


    A sleeve for wire protection with excellent flexibility and elasticity (flame-retardant grade). A material combustion test certified product for trains and motor vehicles. [Features] · For bundling various types of wires and preventing and wire abrasion and damage. · Utilizes a braided polyester monofilament, with superior abrasion resistance and flexibility. Therefore, this sleeve provides superior flexibility and elasticity for protecting wires. · The gaps that are created by the braided structure, which prevents accumulation of heat and moisture. Identification and inspection of the installed wiring can also be easily performed. · In addition, the Heladuct inner diameter expands to triple in size, which makes it suitable for bundling a wide range of wiring with just one size. · Mounting to cables is extremely simple due to its lightweight, elasticity, and slippery properties. · A material combustion test certified product for trains and motor vehicles.

    Days to Ship
    6 Day(s) or more
  • Braided Tube

    Braided Tube


    [Features] A braided tube with superior abrasion resistance. Because the diameter is enlarged to more than 3 times the natural diameter, with one type, the cover is rather large. Installations are smooth because of its high elasticity, strong resistance to lacerations and abrasions, and its good sliding properties. Extremely high invariance against chemicals. The flame-retardant type provides self-extinguishing characteristics, using UL-certified materials. · Operating temperature range: -50℃ to 115℃.

    Days to Ship
    15 Day(s) or more
  • Through tube (flame retardant)

    Through tube (flame retardant)


    KPT flame retardant [Features] This is an ultra-small pass-through terminal block that features the industry’s smallest 8mm pitch crimp terminal specification and is highly efficient with regard to mounting area.

    Days to Ship
    8 Day(s)


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