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Metal Tubes

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  • Waterproof Plicatube.

    Waterproof Plicatube.


    Vinyl-covered metal flexible conduit for outdoor use which complies with JIS C 8309 standards. Vinyl sheath is weather and water resistant. [Features] · Structure employs a pleated pipe with galvanized steel strip as the outer layer, a steel strip as the intermediate layer, and water resistant paper as the inner layer. · Not a designated electrical product so embedding in concrete is supported and and the product can be used for low-voltage indoor wiring, similar to steel wire tubing in dry areas, excluding specially designated special areas. · Wires used can be IV wiring / cabling, etc. · Please use standard Brica accessories. Note that hand, etc. injury may be caused by the burrs at the end of the Brica tube. Please take sufficient precautions during handling

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  • Vinyl-coated K-Flex

    Vinyl-coated K-Flex


    [Features] · K-Flex type KMS fixed tubing for use around oil-using machinery, automated machinery, etc. · The low cost type KMV is recommended for oil-free locations, such as food plants, paper-making factories, and sewage treatment facilities. · Can be used in mobile tubings with moderate movement, but please use type KPF in applications with more movement. · Please use for electrical wiring, cables/vinyl cords etc.

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  • K-Flex vinyl sheath with metal flexible wire conduit tube (high resistance to oil and movement)

    K-Flex vinyl sheath with metal flexible wire conduit tube (high resistance to oil and movement)


    K-Flex type KPF is a metal flexible wire conduit with high resistance to oil and movement. [Features] · K-Flex type KPF is the standard product for high oil resistance. · #10–#54 are designed for applications involving movement. · Low-cost KIV is recommended for fixed piping where no oil is present. · Due to superior flexibility K-Flex can slightly elongate. · Allow a slight margin for insertion of cable into piping. · The brown vinyl coating product has been specified by the Metropolitan Police Department for communication devices (Model KPF*BR). There are five inventory classifications in #22–#54. · For electrical wires, use cables/vinyl cord, etc. · For accessories, please use KM type (standard type) or K2-type.

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  • Plicate



    A JIS C 8309-compliant flexible metal wire tube for indoor use. Non-waterproof. [Features] - A pleated pipe structure featuring an galvanized steel outer later, steel intermediate later, and water resistant paper inner layer. - Does not fall into the Japanese category for special electrical supplies, allowing you to embed it in concrete and run low-voltage indoor wiring, similar to steel wire tubing in normal, dry. - Can be used for IV wires or cables. - Use with standard Plica accessories. - Burrs at the ends of Plicatubes may cut hands. Handle with care.

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  • Fiber protected casing

    Fiber protected casing


    [Features] · Stainless steel flexible tube. · Strongly resistant to lateral pressure and tensile loads, this tube does not stretch even if it is pulled. · Protects fragile optical fibers and sensor leads from breaking due to tensile loading, shock, heat, welding sparks, repeated bending, and lateral pressure, etc. · This product complies with RoHS. [Applications] · Measuring instruments, various communication equipment, lighting fixtures, etc. · Fiber scopes. · Optical fibers/commercial sensor leads/wire protection.

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    3 Day(s)
  • Flexible Conduit (fireproof structure)

    Flexible Conduit (fireproof structure)


    [Features] - Can be used in Class 1 and Class 2 hazardous locations. [Use] - Wire tube accessory for explosion-proof electrical work. - Useful for connections that require flexibility (from an electric motor terminal to a conduit, etc.).

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    4 Day(s)


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