• Please be informed that our Japan Supplier will be closed from 04th Feb 2019 till 10th Feb 2019 for Chinese New Year Holiday. As some of the product will be affected.

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New Registrations

Newly registered customers with MISUMI Malaysia from 4th September 2017 will eligible to enjoy 30% Off for your 1st online order of RM5,000 and below.*

Terms & Conditions apply.

  • 1. Promotion starts from 4th September 2017.
  • 2. Coupon discount is only applicable for customers who are newly registered from 4th September 2017 and applicable after new customer code has been issued.
  • 3. 30% Coupon Discount* is only applicable for New Registered Customers for your 1st online order of RM5,000 and below.
  • 4. Some products may not be applicable to enjoy coupon discount.
  • 5. When ordering multiple items in an order, the coupon discount value will be allocated among the eligible items. For more details, please
    refer to the discount amount displayed after entering your coupon code during quotation or order.
  • 6. Coupon code details will be sent to you after you have successfully registered with MISUMI.
  • 7. Promotion is only applicable for orders placed online via our MISUMI Web Ordering System (WOS).
  • 8. To enjoy the discount, you will need to key in the Coupon Code during quotation and order.
  • 9. A coupon is redeemed when an order is placed. Coupons cannot be redeemed if the order is:
    • ・ more than 1,000 pieces in quantity or item(s) with a unit price of RM1.00 or below;
    • ・ item(s) when a ship date and/or a price is not confirmed;
    • ・ item(s) to which other special agreements are applied.
  • 10. Coupon is valid for 1 time use before stated expiry date.
  • 11. Promotion is only applicable for MISUMI Malaysia.
  • 12. MISUMI reserves the right to make any changes to this promotion at any time.
  • 13. Other Terms & Conditions may apply. Please contact MISUMI at cs@misumi.com.my for more information about this promotion.

Kindly refer here for more information about Coupon Usage & Terms.

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