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Relays Relays

Relay (รีเลย์)


An electronic device as circuit breaker switch by using electromagnetism, widely use in automatic control system, and all times monitoring the situation of every part in the power system. Any malfunctions during the operation such as short circuit, relay will immediately stop that part of the system.

Switches Switches

Switches (สวิตซ์)


is to control the flow of electricity within the circuit or power-off devices within the electrical circuit. Easy to install, Easy to use, and fast response with a touch. There are many types of switches. Depending on the type of usage.




Programmable Logic Controller is an electronic control device to controls industrail machines. It is easy to use, can directly connect to Input and Output devices. It can be use immediately by writing commands program into PLC. If you want to change the conditions of machine, it can be easily done by simply changing the command program.

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