Centronics Press-fit Spring-lock Connector (Female)

Centronics Press-fit Spring-lock Connector (Female)
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Labor-saving Pressure Welding Spring-lock Male Connector

  • For Signal
  • Connection in Boards
  • Printer
  • Pressure Welding
  • Gold Plated

● Female connectors made entirely with plastic that allow batch pressure welding for electric wire connection. It can be used separately for both relay and panel mounting.

· It cannot be connected with the screw lock model. (due to different lock system)
· Due to the wires being connected by pressure welding, use manufacturer-specified pressure weld tools or the simple pressure weld tools available
at Misumi.
· If the wires were connected using the simple tools available from Misumi, use after thoroughly checking the pressure welding.



Centronics Press-fit Spring-lock Connector (Female):Related Image

Manufacturer: DDK

Model NumberNumber of CoresABCDEFG (Note 2)Weight
No Strain ReliefWith Strain Relief
(Note 1) When using the 50-core plastic strain relief, process tapping of M3x0.5 screws.
(Note 2) Without strain relief, the dimensions processed for "with strain relief" can also be used.
Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipRoHSConnector series initials Number Of Cores
Available 1 Day(s) 10Katakana14
Available 2 Day(s) or more 10Katakana24
Available 2 Day(s) or more 10Katakana36
Available 2 Day(s) or more 10Katakana50


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Centronics Press-fit Spring-lock Connector (Female):Related Image

Material / Finish

Soldering Type, Gender Changer
Item Materials Finish
Insulator (RC Type) Glass-Filled Polybutylene
UL94V-0, Blue
Insulator (Type 57, Angle Type) DAP Resin UL94V-0, Blue
Contact Copper Alloy Nickel Base Gold Plating
Shell Steel Nickel-plated
Hood (Angle Type Only) Aluminum Alloy Rustproofing Treatment
Spring Latch Stainless Steel -

Soldering Type
Pressure Welding Type
Item Materials Finish
Insulator PC Resin UL94V-0, Blue
Contact Copper Alloy Nickel Base Gold Plating
(57FE-40 only)
Brass Nickel-plated
Strain Relief PC Resin UL94V-0, Blue
Earth Plate
(57FE-30 only)
Brass Nickel-plated
Spring Latch
(57FE-40 only)
Stainless Steel -
Metal Hood
(57FE-30 only)
Aluminum Alloy Rustproofing Treatment

Pressure Welding Type

* 57F series is made up of 4 components: insulator, contact, strain relief, and pressure welding cover.

Compatible Wire

Connector Type Single Wire Conductor Diameter Stranded Wire Conductor Cross-sectional Area AWG Size
Soldering Type 0.65 mm or less 0.2 mm2 or less Stranded Wire AWG24 or less
Single Wire AWG22 or less
Pressure Welding Type - - AWG26 (Single Wire), AWG28 (Stranded Wire, Single Wire) or AWG30 (Single Wire) 1.27 mm Pitch Flat Cable

Electrical Properties

Item Soldering Type Pressure Welding Type
Rated Current 5 A or lower 1 A or lower
Rated Voltage 500 VAC or less 250 VAC or less
Contact Resistance 35 mΩ or less / 1 ADC 35 mΩ or less / 1 ADC
Insulation Resistance 1,000 MΩ or more / 500 VDC 1,000 MΩ or more / 500 VDC
Withstand Voltage 1,000 VAC / minute 500 VAC / minute
Operating Temperature Range -55°C ~ +105°C -55°C ~ +105°C

Mechanical Properties

Item Characteristics Conditions
Insertion and Extraction Force Per Single Pole Insertion Force: 112 g or less, Extraction Force: 86 g or less When the plug and socket are inserted and extracted, the total extraction force is divided by each core number to convert into force per single pole
Vibration Resistance · No interruption to power supplies of 1 μs or more
· No abnormalities such as damage etc. on the connector
In compliance with MIL-STD-202 test method condition 204 A, simple vibration with smaller amplitude, either the total amplitude of 1.52 mm from 10 Hz to 500 Hz or 10 G (gravity units) is applied to each for 3 hours in mutually perpendicular 3-axis direction.
Impact Resistance No cracks in the connector or abnormalities such as loosening in breakable parts Impact of 50 G with duration 11 msec is applied to the coupled connector in mutually perpendicular axis direction.
Insertion and Removal Durability No mechanical damage Perform insertion and removal 500 times at speeds not exceeding 500 times per 1 hour.

Environmental Properties

Item Characteristics Conditions
Temperature Resistance There should be no physical damage or obstacle when inserting or removing the connector Repeatedly expose to temperatures +85°C and -55°C for 30 minutes 5 times each. However, do not expose to room temperature for 5 minutes or more when moving from low temperature to high and from high temperature to low.
Humidity Resistance · There should be no mechanical damages
· Voltage Resistance 300 VAC 1 minute
Perform 96-hour humidity test with the connector detached in compliance with MIL-STD-202 test method 103 B.
Corrosion Resistance There should be no significant corrosion or obstacle when inserting or removing the connector After performing a 48-hour salt spray test with the connector attached in compliance with MIL-STD-202 test method condition 101 B, the connector is uncoupled, washed, and dried for 12 hours in a drying oven at 38°C.

Contact Arrangement Diagram

This diagram is a view of the socket (female) connector from the coupling.
The plug (male) will be reversed on the left and right.

Basic Information

Connector Shape Square shape Katakana Centronics Applicable pin/contact Female (socket)
Application Cable to Circuit Board Allowable Current(A) 1 Allowable Voltage(V) 250
Wire connection method Pressure welding Connection direction Straight Protection function (environmentally resistant) None
Removal method Others

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