Pipe-End Anticorrosion Fitting, RCF-K Type, Standard Product Reducing Elbow

Pipe-End Anticorrosion Fitting, RCF-K Type, Standard Product Reducing Elbow

• Screw-in with pipe end anti-corrosive fitting.
• Anticorrosion fitting for tube ends. Malleable iron fitting with an incorporated resin core.
• A core with double lip and O-ring packing is used for controlling water outlets and inlets to the pipe end, thereby giving excellent resistance to rust water due to aging.
• The combination of RCF-KZ and fittings for heterogeneous pipes prevents electric corrosion due to contact between dissimilar metals.
• From newly-installed pipes to repaired and corrected pipes, all piping scenes are supported by screw-in pipe end corrosion-proof fittings and pipe end corrosion-proof LA fittings.
• Ready compatibility to various constructions.
• Non-PVC material is used in the resin of pipe-end anti-corrosive fittings.
• Lead-free material is also used in copper alloys.
• Our eco-friendly product can be safely used in the piping of drinking water.
• Get the perfect pipes, which are easy on the environment and have excellent earthquake resistance, just by machining a rolled thread to the polyethylene powder lining steel pipe used for water supply.

Part Number

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Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipRoHSNominal of Thread M1 Nominal of Thread M2 Operating Temperature Range
4 Day(s) or more 61B(25A)1/2B(15A)0~40
4 Day(s) or more 61B(25A)3/4B(20A)0~40
4 Day(s) or more 62B(50A)1B(25A)0~40
4 Day(s) or more 62B(50A)3/4B(20A)0~40
4 Day(s) or more 62B(50A)1 1/2B(40A)0~40
4 Day(s) or more 62B(50A)1 1/4B(32A)0~40
4 Day(s) or more 63/4B(20A)1/2B(15A)0~40
4 Day(s) or more 63B(80A)2B(50A)0~40
4 Day(s) or more 63B(80A)2 1/2B(65A)0~40
4 Day(s) or more 64B(100A)3B(80A)0~40
4 Day(s) or more 61 1/2B(40A)1B(25A)0~40
4 Day(s) or more 61 1/2B(40A)3/4B(20A)0~40
4 Day(s) or more 61 1/2B(40A)1 1/4B(32A)0~40
4 Day(s) or more 61 1/4B(32A)1B(25A)0~40
4 Day(s) or more 61 1/4B(32A)3/4B(20A)0~40
4 Day(s) or more 62 1/2B(65A)1B(25A)0~40
4 Day(s) or more 62 1/2B(65A)2B(50A)0~40
4 Day(s) or more 62 1/2B(65A)1 1/2B(40A)0~40


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Basic Information

Type Fitting Connection Type Screw⇔Screw Different Diameter Connecting Shape Elbow
Material STPG370(SCH40) Connection Thread Type M1 Rc Connection Thread Type M2 Rc
Max. Operating Pressure(MPa) 1 Applicable Fluid Water Surface Treatment Blue Coating
Divisions of Max. Operating Pressure 1.0Mpa or Less Interior Resin Lining Presence (epoxy lining)

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