Switching Power Supply S8VM

Switching Power Supply S8VM

Omron's original new under-voltage detection function is installed. A small type that can help reduce the size of equipment and devices. Captive screw terminals, simple DIN rail mounting for easy design

· Built-in new undervoltage detection function to support identification of cause of abnormality (S8VM-24AP type).
· Equipped with power fail detection function to notify output voltage abnormality (300/600/1, 500W type).
· There are 29 models and 8 capacities for a wide selection of products.
· Friendly design where the screw does not fall from the terminal block (excluding 300/600/1, 500W output terminal).
· Provides protection against electric shock via the finger protection.
· Easy DIN rail mounting.
· Safety standards: UL508/60950-1, CSAC22. 2No. 14 / no. 6095-1, EN50178, EN60950-1 (for the 300/600/1,500W type, changing the fan means that it is no longer compliant with safety standards.)
· SEMIF47-0200 standard compatible (with 200V input.)
· Harmonic current regulation: EN61000-3-2 conformity (excluding 15 / 30W type).


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Switching-Mode Power Supply S8VM Specifications

Switching-Mode Power Supply S8VM appearance

Switching-Mode Power Supply S8VM appearance

Equipped with unique new undervoltage detection function Compact size helps keep equipment smaller. Thoughtfully designed to prevent terminal screws from falling out, facilitate easy DIN rail mounting, etc.

Improves On-Site Management

New Undervoltage Detection Function (Model S8VM-笆。笆。笆。24A笆。 / P笆。 Types Only)

"It can be difficult to identify the cause of trouble during sudden machine failures." The unique new undervoltage detection function uses LED indicators to alert the user when conditions are abnormal. Helps identify the cause of trouble whether momentary power failure or overload or output voltage decline due to age of power supply, etc.

Undervoltage error display in the event of a momentary power failure

Undervoltage error display in the event of a momentary power failure

Undervoltage error display in the event of output voltage decline due to age of power supply, etc.

Undervoltage error display in the event of output voltage decline due to age of power supply, etc.

Saves Space

Ultra-Compact Design

"I want to install a control unit in the empty space around my equipment or close at hand." Designed using original technology to significantly reduce size by 40% (compared with the S8PS: 50 W open type), for down-sizing equipment and improving ease of operation. Fits neatly even in tight spaces.

Comparison to model S8PS

Comparison to model S8PS

Compatible With High-Temperature Environments

"Heat generation is a concern with compact control units." Despite its ultra-compact size, this power supply can be used with a load rate of up to 100% even at an ambient temperature of 50ツーC (15 to 150 W open type / 300 to 1,500 W type with standard mounting).

  • *300/600/1,500 W types incorporate forced air cooling using a fan.

Improved Ease of Use

Terminal Screws That Stay In

"I'm concerned about accidentally dropping terminal screws while working." Smaller control units tend to be more difficult to work with. The S8VM model is thoughtfully designed to prevent screws from falling out of the terminal block for significantly improved on-site workability. Also has finger protection to prevent electric shocks.

  • *Only applies to the input terminals for the 300/600/1,500 W types.

Easy DIN Rail Mounting (15 to 600 ・キ)

"Mounting and removing for maintenance is difficult in recessed areas." Pioneering use of DIN rails eliminates these issues. Easy one-touch installation and removal significantly reduces workload. Installs securely without the need for extra mounting brackets. Secure from vibration.

  • *DIN mounting brackets for the 300/600 W types are sold separately.

Color Labels For Identification

"I want to eliminate mistakes during assembly or overseas exchanges." Model S8VM utilizes color labels to make identifying voltages easier. Prevent the miscommunication errors that tend to happen during overseas exchanges by confirming label colors.

Improved global and environmental compatibility

Safety Standards

"I want to respond quickly to the global market and overseas equipment transfers." Model S8VM complies with global safety standards, and can be used for a wide range of applications.

Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipShape Capacity
Output voltage (Single only) Rated output current (single only)
Included Function Dimension height
Dimension width
Dimension depth
1 Day(s) With Cover15DC5V3-84.533.598.1
3 Day(s) or more With Cover15DC15V1-84.533.598.1
1 Day(s) With Cover15DC24V0.65-84.533.598.1
1 Day(s) With Cover30DC24V1.3-84.533.5113.1
1 Day(s) With Cover50DC15V3.5-84.533.5138.1
1 Day(s) With Cover50DC24V2.2-84.533.5138.1
3 Day(s) or more With Cover100DC15V7-84.535178.1
1 Day(s) With Cover100DC24V4.5-82.528.5178.1
3 Day(s) or more With Cover150DC5V27-84.544178.1
3 Day(s) or more With Cover150DC15V10-84.544178.1
1 Day(s) With Cover150DC24V6.5-84.544178.1
1 Day(s) With Cover300DC24V14Fan for cooling / Parallel83.862.5188
1 Day(s) With Cover600DC24V27Fan for cooling / Parallel83.8101.8192


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Basic Information

Single/multi Single Input Voltage AC-dedicated Input/output terminal shape Screw
Safety standards CE / UL / CUL / TUV

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