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BIO Highly Flame Retardant NEC Standard Cable (Non-Shield)

BIO Highly Flame Retardant NEC Standard Cable (Non-Shield)

Suitable for wiring of electrical and electronic equipment subject to UL (AWM)/cUL (CSA)/NFPA (70/79) standards (unshielded type).

· Uses UL (AWM), cUL (CSA), and NFPA (70/79) standards.
· Flame retardancy is UL: VW-1, CL2, CL3, cUL (CSA): FT1/FT2..
· High-density braid shielding. .


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Part Number

Configured Part Number is shown.

Part Number
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-1
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-2
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-3
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-4
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-5
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-6
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-7
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-8
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-9
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-10
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-11
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-12
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-13
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-14
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-15
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-16
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-17
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-18
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-19
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-20
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-21
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-22
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-23
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-24
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-25
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-26
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-27
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-28
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-29
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-30
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-31
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-32
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-33
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-34
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-35
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-36
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-37
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-38
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-39
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-40
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-41
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-42
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-43
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-44
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-45
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-46
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-47
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-48
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-49
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-50
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-51
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-52
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-53
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-54
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-55
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-56
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-57
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-58
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-59
2464C BIO-CL3-AWG16-2-60
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipOverall Length
AWG size
Number Of Cores
Logarithm Finished outer diameter
Properties Conductor configuration
Insulation body outer diameter
3 Day(s) or more 1162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 2162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 3162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 4162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 5162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 6162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 7162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 8162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 9162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 10162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 11162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 12162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 13162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 14162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 15162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 16162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 17162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 18162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 19162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 20162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 21162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 22162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 23162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 24162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 25162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 26162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 27162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 28162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 29162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 30162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 31162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 32162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 33162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 34162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 35162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 36162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 37162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 38162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 39162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 40162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 41162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 42162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 43162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 44162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 45162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 46162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 47162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 48162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 49162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 50162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 51162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 52162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 53162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 54162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 55162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 56162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 57162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 58162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 59162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45
3 Day(s) or more 60162-6.8Heat-Resistance26/0.262.45


Basic Information

Rated Voltage 300V Shield NA Representative Standard UL / CSA(c-UL)
Sheath (outer coating) color Black Sheath (outer coating) material PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Insulation body materials PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

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