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Taper Tap Series for Pipes General Use Long Shank LT-SPT

Taper Tap Series for Pipes General Use Long Shank LT-SPT

Used to process female threads for parallel pipe threads.


Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipNominal Pitch, Number of Threads
Link Diameter
Thread Length Tool No.
3 Day(s) or more Rp1/214150183513825
3 Day(s) or more Rp1/419120112813814
3 Day(s) or more Rp1/419150112813815
3 Day(s) or more Rp1/82812081913809
3 Day(s) or more Rp1/82815081913810
3 Day(s) or more Rp111150264513845
3 Day(s) or more Rp3/414150233513835
3 Day(s) or more Rp3/819120142813819
3 Day(s) or more Rp3/819150142813820


  1. 1

Basic Information

Thread Types Pipe Parallel Number of Chamfered Threads 4P Tool Material Type High-Speed Steel
Work Material Medium-Carbon Steel (C Content 0.25 - 0.45%) / Cast Steel (SC) / Cast Iron (FC) / Ductile Cast Iron (FCD) / Brass (Bs) / Brass Cast Iron (BsC) / Bronze (PB) / Rolled Aluminum Material (AL) / Cast Aluminum Alloy (AC, ADC) / Cast Magnesium Alloy (MC) / Zinc Alloy Castings (ZDC) Tap Model Pipe Tap Bore Model For Through Holes / For Blind Holes
Coating Presence None Coating Type Non-Coated Precision JIS2
No. of Grooves 4

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