●A versatile magnifier with bright and sharp contrast.


●Surface shape inspection.




●Lens: Glass
Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipMagnification
Effective Length
Field of Vision
Trusco Code Supplement Features Material
1 Day(s) or more 52524.738φ×66-102-4779Practical fixtures for general use in homes.A modern magnifying glass with a bright acrylic lens barrel.Glass
1 Day(s) or more 10242834.5φ×41.3-102-4787-Two Kernel imaging lens structures. Maintains wide field of view with minimal aberrations. Universal loupe convenient for focus inspection, negative film inspection, etc.Glass
1 Day(s) or more 15192036φ×33-102-4795-Although the enlargement ratio of 15x is fairly high for a loupe, the aberration is removed to such an extent that it does not impair the practical use, and the resin skirt with a unique shape for better light collection shines the subject brightly and produces ideal contrast to allow easier observation.Glass
1 Day(s) or more 22122236φ×2512102-4809-Ideal for high magnification and low aberration precision machinery inspection.Glass
1 Day(s) or more 3071037φ×20-102-4817-This very small and lightweight loupe can be operated with one hand while the target object is held in the other hand.Glass
3 Day(s) or more 824X365246×49×39--As this magnifying glass is specially designed to fully cover a 24 X 36 mm screen for a 35 mm camera film, it is best suited for inspection of negative films.--
5 Day(s) or more 4278051×51×6545×45--The focus adjustment of this loupe uses the same multiple thread helicoid screws used for camera lenses, allowing very smooth movement. The attached neck strap improves work efficiency considerably.-


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Basic Information

Product Type Cup Loupe Light presence Not Included Existence or non-existence of scale Not Included

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