Wet Saver (Part Numbers)

Wet Saver

Its anti-static effect makes it perfect for cleaning OA equipment. Its excellent detergent effect makes cleaning easy.

· Uses non-woven fabric made with environmentally friendly and skin friendly cotton.
· Its soft texture means it easy to wipe without scratching.
· Since it is no-binder cotton spun lace (water flow-interlaced non-woven fabric), it won't leave behind lint or fibers.
· Inhibits the growth of bacteria through bacteriostatic action.
· Excellent industrial disposability.
· There are also available refill packages for Wet Saver, allowing the container to be refilled as many times as needed, helping save money.

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Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipFeatures Feature 2 Feature 3 Use Application 2 Application 3 Component Use Amount Of Content
6 Day(s) or more Its disinfectant property suppresses the proliferation of germs.Soft texture that prevents scratches.No fuzz or fibers are left. *Cotton-spun lace with no binder (Hydroentangled nonwoven fabric).Anti-static for plastic type and for display of various FA, OA equipments.For desks, chairs, cupboards, window panes and the like in offices and factories.Wiping factory machinery, equipments and cleaning all kinds of oil stains etc.Cetylpyridinium chloride, cetyltrimethylammonium chloride, dibutyl hydroxytoluene, parabenConsists of volatile (alcohol) components, always store in a dedicated container (airtight). (1) Remove the container lid, cut the upper part of the aluminum pouch and keep the pouch in the container. (2) Pick out the tip of the Wet Saver from the center of the roll, and pass it through the center of the lid. (3) Close the lid tightly, and use the Wet Saver by pinching the tip and pulling it out from the center of the upper part of container. * If pulled quickly, it becomes easy to tear off the wipes at the perforation.1 Can (300 Sheets)


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Basic Information

Product Model Non-woven Wipe Shape Roll Type Wet
Detailing Type Main Body Appearance Cloudy liquid/White sheet-like material Flammability Available
Volatility Low Density (20 °C) 1 Flash Point NA
Item Shape Bucket container Size(mm) 180×300 Amount Of Content 1 Can (300 Sheets)

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