Block Gauge Set, Level 0 Equivalent Product

Block Gauge Set, Level 0 Equivalent Product

High precision block gauge set equivalent to JIS B 7506 Class 0.
· JIS B 7506 Class 0 equivalent.
· Made of high carbon high chrome steel.
· For accuracy testing and adjustment of length measuring equipment.
· Used as a reference gauge for general measurement or machining work.
· Used as space block and high value added part.


Japanese Only

What is block gauge

To define an object’s length with the the surface between end face of the
block gauge. This is a commonly used standard tool.
A gauge high in precision and it’s the meter standard to other measuring
tools in the industrial use.
The material varies from steel, ceramic and sizes from 0.5mm to 1000mm.
Precision varies from four types, which are level K, level 0, level 1 and level 2.
KFor ultra-precision
To confirm standard block gauge • For precision
academic research
0For precision
To check the block gauges of working and inspection
use • inspect the precision of measuring tools
1For standard
To inspect precision of the gauge • inspect parts of
the machine
2For working
To adjust precision of measuring tools • 
install the tools and cutlery

Assemble block gauge (linking)

First, cross pile up
tightly together.
Slightly turn the two tight
combined block gauges
to the same direction.
Ensure that it links
together tightly.
Block gauge can be linked together tightly and combined into any desired
length. For bigger size block gauge, take two block gauges, set it at
cross-shape and turn it to so the measuring face links together.
For bigger size and smaller size block gauge to link together, pile up the
measuring face and slightly slide it back and forth for tight linking. The same
procedures should be followed for smaller size block gauge linking.Main points of linking
To avoid accumulative amount of block gauge’s margin tolerance,
use only minimum amount of block gauge when linking.
Note the average temperature after block gauge linking.

Store and use precautions

  • Ensure both sides of block gauge are clean without any burrs. (Use optical flat for checking is recommended.)
  • Apply anti-rust oil for storing and keep it at a place with small changes in humidity and temperature.
Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipNominal Dimension
Number of Pairs
(Each Pair)
Items cord Material Details Mass
Set Content
2 Day(s) or more 1 ~ 6032150290High Carbon High Chrome Steel9801.005×1/1.01・1.02・・・1.09(0.01)×9/1.1・1.2・・・1.9(0.1)×9/1・2・3・・・9(1.0)×9/10・20・30(10)×3/60×1
2 Day(s) or more 1 ~ 10047150291High Carbon High Chrome Steel24001.005×1/1.01・1.02・・・1.09(0.01)×9/1.1・1.2・・・1.9(0.1)×9/1・2・3・・・24(1.0)×24/25・50・75・100(25)×4
2 Day(s) or more 0.5 ~ 10076150292High Carbon High Chrome Steel22001.005×1/1.01・1.02・・・1.49(0.01)×49/0.5・1.0・・・9.5(0.5)×19/10・20・30・40(10)×4/50・75・100(25)×3
2 Day(s) or more 0.5 ~ 100103150293High Carbon High Chrome Steel36401.005×1/1.01・1.02・・・1.49(0.01)×49/0.5・1.0・・・24.5(0.5)×49/25・50・75・100(25)×4


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Single Item / Set Set Material Steel

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