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CCB-15M Corner Cube Prism

CCB-15M Corner Cube Prism

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· This prism is able to reflect all the light which enters, and to return it in the direction from which it originally came.
· Used as a reflector for length measuring machines that use lasers.
· The corner cube was developed to measure the distance between the moon and the earth and was installed on the moon when the Apollo spacecraft landed on the moon.
· Since the corner cube has been precisely machined, it is capable of returning the light with high accuracy.
· Even if the inclination of the corner cube changes slightly during measurement, the light is returned to the detector of the measuring instrument without the angle of the optical feedback changing.
· The CCB-M type is also available, treated with an antireflection membrane to prevent reflection loss on the incident/emission surface.
· A hollow retroreflector (RCCB) in which the amount of reflected light will not change even when used at incident angles of 20° or greater is also available.
· * When a beam is incident on a corner cube it is accurately returned with the same incidence angle, but if the incident position of the beam is shifted from the center of the corner cube, a beam will be emitted from a position the same distance away from the center, but on the opposite side.
· * The ridgelines where the three reflection surfaces of a corner cube intersect are chamfered, and six lines that do not reflect light coming in or out can be observed in a radial pattern.
· * When narrow laser beams are used, make sure that they do not overlap these 6 lines.
· * If fingerprints or grime adhere to the non-coated surface, total reflection may no longer occur even at angles equal to or greater than the critical angle.
· * During use, make sure that nothing makes contact with the non-coated surfaces.
· * When the entire reflection surface of a corner cube is reflecting, a phase difference occurs and the polarization characteristics of the returned light change significantly.
· * A hollow retroreflector (RCCB) with little change in the polarization characteristics is also available.
[Product Specifications]
· [ Common Specifications]
· Material: BK7
· Aperture Side Accuracy: λ/4
· Beam Deflection Angle: < 5"
· Coating: CCB: Non-Coated, CCB-M: Anti-reflective Coating (400-700 nm)
· Incidence Angle: ±20° (for complete reflection at the critical angle)
· Scratch-Dig: 40-20
· Effective Diameter: 90% of External Diameter
· [Individual Specifications]
· Coating: Anti-reflective Coating
· Outer diameter φD: φ15 mm
· Height H: 11.4 mm
· Laser Yield Strength*: 4 J/cm2
· * Laser Pulse Width 10 ns, Repetition Frequency 20 Hz

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