Push Buttons(Mounting Hole:φ30)

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Card included
Terminal shape
Mounting Hole
Contact Configuration
Push button operation
Button color
Protection function (environmentally resistant)
Representative Standard
Dimension vertical(mm)
Dimension width(mm)
Dimension depth(mm)

    Maruyasu Dengyo [Low Price] Push Button Switch ⌀30



    Product Series

    Maruyasu Dengyo [Low Price] Push Button Switch ⌀30

    Days to Ship 2 Day(s) or more
    TypeNon-illumination type push-button
    ShapeMushroom shape
    Card included-
    Terminal shapeScrew terminal
    Mounting Holeφ30
    Contact Configuration1b
    Push button operationMomentary
    Button colorRed
    Protection function (environmentally resistant)NA
    Representative Standard-
    Dimension vertical(mm)37
    Dimension width(mm)29.5
    Dimension depth(mm)69.5


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