Switching Power Supplies

The MISUMI eCatalog includes a range of capacities from 1 W to 3,000 W, in addition to covered types, DIN rail direct mounting types, open frame types, and on-board types.

[Switching Power Supplies]
Switching power supplies are devices that convert AC or DC input power to a desired DC power.
Semiconductor switches turn ON/OFF to control and rectify current for a stabilized DC voltage output. These are also called "power supplies" and "(switching DC) stabilized power supplies". These are compact, lightweight, and high efficiency compared to linear types with a variable resistor in the circuit to adjust the output voltage. There are many possible specifications, such as input voltage, output voltage, rated output current, etc., as well as various types, such as low cost open frame type and DIN rail direct mounting type that are easy to install onto control panels.
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