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Product Series
Days to Ship
Overall Length(m)
Specified Length(m)
Conductor Cross Section(mm2)
AWG size(AWG)
Number Of Cores(Core)
Rated Voltage
Representative Standard
Sheath (outer coating) color
Grounding Wire
Sheath (outer coating) material
Insulation body materials

    Ethernet Cable for FA Use



    Product Series

    Ethernet Cable for FA Use

    Days to Ship 7 Day(s) or more
    Overall Length(m)200
    Specified Length(m)-
    Conductor Cross Section(mm2)-
    AWG size(AWG)22 ~ 24
    Number Of Cores(Core)4 ~ 8
    Rated VoltageOther
    PropertiesOil Resistance / Heat-Resistance
    Representative StandardUL
    Sheath (outer coating) color-
    Grounding WireNA
    Sheath (outer coating) materialPVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
    Insulation body materialsPVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


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