Cord Reels(Supported voltages:Single-Phase 200 V)

An online store for cord reels. The MISUMI eCatalog makes it possible to easily search for products based on dimensions and specs such as product type, cord length, outlet rating, supported voltage, wire thickness, etc., with one click.
[What are cord reels?]
Cord reels are extension cords & power strips that can be stored compactly by winding on a reel.

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Electrical wire length(m)
Product Type
Outlet Ratings(kVA)
Supported voltages(V)
No. of Outlets
Electrical wire thickness(mm2)
Number of electrical wire cores(C)

    Bolt Slider (Stationary Type)



    Product Series

    Bolt Slider (Stationary Type)

    Days to Ship 9 Day(s) or more
    Electrical wire length(m)-
    Product TypeTransformer
    Outlet Ratings(kVA)0.2 ~ 0.5
    Supported voltages(V)Single-Phase 200 V
    No. of Outlets-
    Electrical wire thickness(mm2)-
    Number of electrical wire cores(C)-


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