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Plastic Containers(Capacity:3600mL)

Resin containers are made of synthetic resin. Relatively stable types of resin such as polyethylene and polypropylene are mainly used. Polypropylene, the lightest type of resin, also has physical strength and is resistant to deformation. It is heat-resistant as well and therefore used to store food. However, it must be noted that polypropylene is susceptible to oxidizing acids. Polyethylene is a type of resin that is widely used and has a white color. It can resist temperatures of up to 70 to 90°C, and is resistant to strong acids and alkalis. It also has excellent cold and water resistance. K-RESIN is one of the most transparent types of resin. It is close to glass bottles and used in medical settings as well. Resin containers are available in various shapes, such as jars, plastic containers, general-purpose bottles with an inner plug and buckets. They are also available in an extensive range of sizes from 30 ml to 30 L.
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    HiBessel Container


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    HiBessel Container

    Days to Ship 2 Day(s)
    Product TypePE (Polyethylene) Container


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