Dolly Carts / Hand Trucks

An online store for trolleys/carts. The MISUMI eCatalog makes it possible to easily search for products based on dimensions and specs such as uniform load, body material/options, shape (caged, container platform, two-wheeled trolley, etc.), noise countermeasures, etc., with one click.
[What are trolleys/carts?]
These are the most popular products used for carrying packages. There are various properties and uses, and in terms of material, steel is important when robustness is essential, while resin is more common if it is to be lightweight and user-friendly. In terms of applications, in addition to the general collapsible types and fixed handle types, 2-stage types for use with more than one package at once, types with handles in both the front and rear for maneuvering narrow corridors or making tight turns, and cage types with mesh surrounding the platform to carry many bags and accessories securely are available. Recently, trolleys with highly safe stoppers and foot brakes are becoming more popular. Purchase a trolley suitable for your usage environment.
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