Carbide Taper End Mills(Single corner (θ):0°50')

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Single corner (θ)(Degree)
Tip diameter (D)(φ)
work material
Blade length (l)(mm)
R Size(mm)
Number of flutes(sheet)
Shank diameter (d)(mm)
Overall Length (L)(mm)

    One Cut Super Radius End Mill DV-OCSRTN



    Product Series

    One Cut Super Radius End Mill DV-OCSRTN

    Days to Ship 3 Day(s) or more
    Single corner (θ)(Degree)0°50'
    Tip diameter (D)(φ)6 ~ 16
    TypeTapered radius
    work materialgeneral steel[○] / Quenched and tempered steel[◎] / High Hardness Steel-HRC55[◎] / High Hardness Steel-HRC60[◎] / High Hardness Steel-HRC65[◎] / Cast Iron[○]
    Blade length (l)(mm)9 ~ 24
    R Size(mm)1.5 ~ 3
    Number of flutes(sheet)3
    Shank diameter (d)(mm)8 ~ 20
    Overall Length (L)(mm)130 ~ 220


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