Chamfering / Centering Tools(Tip angle (θ):145+90)

An online store for chamfering and centering tools. Divided into categories of centering / countersink, chamfering / V groove, inner radius, and replaceable blade type chamfering tool / insert / blade. In MISUMI's e-catalog, specifications/dimensions (size) of brand, application, tip angle, tool diameter, compatible work materials, etc. can be selected with one click, so you can easily find the desired product.
[What is a chamfering tool?]
It is used for removing burrs on the hole's surface when drilling a hole with a drill, etc. and for. machining so that the screw head does not protrude on the surface.
[What is a center drill?]
A drill used to process the center hole. The groove length of the drill is short and it has rigidity. The center drill is used to drill the center hole as the blade shape is structured so as not to be displaced. It may also be used only for positioning.

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Tip angle (θ)
Tool Diameter (D)(mm)
work material
Single blade, two blades
Peripheral Blade Y/N
Tool Material Type
Coating Y/N
Coating Type
R Size (R)(mm)

    Chamfering Cutter NC Spot Drill (Chip)



    Product Series

    Chamfering Cutter NC Spot Drill (Chip)

    Days to Ship 4 Day(s) or more
    Tip angle (θ)145+90
    Tool Diameter (D)(mm)-
    work material-
    Single blade, two blades-
    Peripheral Blade Y/N-
    Tool Material Type-
    Coating Y/NAvailable
    Coating TypeTiAlN
    R Size (R)(mm)-


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