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Woodworking Drill Cutters

Woodworking drills and cutters are blade tip tools for drilling holes and woodworking for shaping. Drill shank shapes include hexagonal, triangular chamfer, and SDS depending on the equipment the drill is attached to, and the tip is specialized for woodwork, having a screw shape. Additionally, a variety of bits are available depending on the application, including woodworking drills for drilling holes in wood, pilot hole drills for making pilot holes where tallow nails and screws to be driven easily; those for construction and electrical installations that drill holes in composite panels, plywood panels, laminated wood, and the like; and those for furniture and fittings that drill dowel holes and attach doorknobs, locks, and the like. There are also woodworking tools that are attached to trimmers and routers for uses such as cutting, R-chamfering, grooving, and rough cutting in addition to those that drill holes.
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