Vernier Calipers(Special Caliper Shape:Inside Calipers)

Calipers essential for machining sites. Many types, from standard calipers to special calipers such as tube pitch, hole pitch, point, inside etc., can be selected.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Calibration Certificate
Special Caliper Shape
Display Method
Maximum Measurement Length (Range Selection)(mm)
Waterproof Function
Output terminal for measuring data: with or without
With/Without Depth Bar
Solar Panel

    Digital Inside Calipers



    Product Series

    Digital Inside Calipers

    Days to Ship 2 Day(s) or more
    Calibration Certificate-
    TypeSpecial Calipers
    Special Caliper ShapeInside Calipers
    Display MethodDigital
    Maximum Measurement Length (Range Selection)(mm)101 to 150
    Waterproof FunctionNA
    Output terminal for measuring data: with or withoutNA
    With/Without Depth BarNA
    Solar Panel-


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