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Dial Gauges(Page5)

Dial gauges are measuring instruments that can accurately measure minute lengths and displacements. Unlike other measuring instruments that directly measure numerical values, they are used for measuring the difference compared to a reference or correcting parallelism. Dial gauges are available in various types, including a standard type and lever type. The standard type uses gears and a lever to convert the linear motion of a spindle into rotational motion, mechanically expand this motion and indicate the displacement with a scale. They are suited to observing significant changes. The lever-type uses sector gears and crown gears to expand the motion. While the lever-type has a higher resolution than the standard type, the variation is converted into the rotational motion of the lever, so a big change may be indicated with a smaller figure than the actual number. A single reading of a standard-type dial gauge is 0.01 mm, but there are also special dial gauges with a single reading of 0.001 mm. In addition to an analog type where measurements are read on a scale, a digital type is available as well.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Calibration Certificate
Display Method
Maximum Measurement Length (Range Selection)(mm)
Scale interval minimal display(mm)
Scale type
Waterproof Function
Output terminal for measuring data: with or without

    Standard Dial Gauge (Graduations: 0.01 mm)



    Product Series

    Standard Dial Gauge (Graduations: 0.01 mm)

    Days to Ship 2 Day(s) or more
    Calibration CertificateNo
    ApplicationStandard Type
    Display MethodDial
    Maximum Measurement Length (Range Selection)(mm)1.1~5 ~ 6~20
    Scale interval minimal display(mm)0.01
    Scale typeContinuous Scale
    Waterproof FunctionNA
    Output terminal for measuring data: with or withoutNA


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