Optical Devices(Lens Size:φ18)

Loupes, binoculars and many other optical devices are available. Product types include stand type light magnifying glass, arm type light magnifying glass, cup loupe, stand loupe, hand-held loupe, pocket loupe, head magnifier, binoculars, microscope, microviewer, inspection mirror, inspection optical product, equipment and accessories. You can find the desired product by the conditions of magnification, light presence, scale presence, lens size, minimum scale, measurement range, tube length, outside diameter, effective length, insertion diameter, observation hole diameter, focal length, applicable model, and mounting type.
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Product Series
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Product Type
Light presence
Existence or non-existence of scale
Lens Size(mm)
Minimum graduation(mm)
Measuring Range(mm)
Tube Length(mm)
Outer Diameter(mm)
Effective Length(mm)
Insertion port diameter(mm)
Focal Distance(mm)
Applicable Part
Mounting Type

    High Magnification Loupe

      Triplet lens




      Product Series

      High Magnification Loupe

      Triplet lens

      Days to Ship 5 Day(s) or more Quote
      Product TypePocket LoupePocket Loupe
      Magnification(x)1510x ~ 18x
      Light presenceNA-
      Existence or non-existence of scaleNA-
      Lens Size(mm)φ18φ18
      Minimum graduation(mm)--
      Measuring Range(mm)--
      Tube Length(mm)--
      Outer Diameter(mm)--
      Effective Length(mm)--
      Insertion port diameter(mm)--
      Focal Distance(mm)--
      Applicable Part--
      Mounting Type--


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