Pressure Gauges(Measurement range:0–1)

Many pressure gauges for measuring the pressure of gas and liquid are available. You can search conditions by differential pressure gauge, general purpose pressure gauge, general pressure gauge, general shock absorption pressure gauge, general steam pressure gauge, stainless steel pressure gauge, compact pressure gauge, sealed pressure gauge, glycerin input pressure gauge, micro pressure gauge, pressure gauge pipe fitting, valve, pressure gauge piping packing, as well as pipe product types, pressure range and minimum scale, standard, material, mounting screw, application, resolution, and measurement range.
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Product Series
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Product Type
Pressure Range(Mpa)
Minimum graduation(Mpa)
Mounting Screw (d1 x d2)
Measurement range(hPa)

    Pressure gauge 40 mm bottom screw

      Vertical Pressure Gauge R1/4 A6303


      SK 11


      Product Series

      Pressure gauge 40 mm bottom screw

      Vertical Pressure Gauge R1/4 A6303

      Days to Ship 2 Day(s) or more 3 Day(s) or more
      Product TypeGeneral-Purpose Pressure GaugeGeneral-Purpose Pressure Gauge
      Pressure Range(Mpa)0~1.0-
      Minimum graduation(Mpa)0.10.02
      Mounting Screw (d1 x d2)--
      ApplicationMeasurement of gas flow pressure and exhaust draft pressureMeasurement of gas flow pressure and exhaust draft pressure
      Measurement range(hPa)0–10–1


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