Thermometers/Hygrometers(Temperature Measuring Range:-200~500)

Instruments that measure temperature and humidity. You can find items by product type, measurement temperature range, minimum temperature display, drip-proof / waterproof function, operating temperature range, minimum humidity display, measurement temperature range, and heatstroke index display range. Also, you can choose the color for products that notify the temperature by color, such as primary color or color after discoloration.
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Product Series
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Product Type
Temperature Measuring Range(°C)
Temperature minimal display(°C)
Drip-proof and Waterproof function
Operating Temperature Range(°C)
Humidity Minimal Display(%RH)
Measured humidity range(%RH)
Heat Stroke Index display range(°C)
Primary Color
Color after discoloration
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General Purpose Temperature Sensor for Semi-Solid and Liquid BS Series



Product Series

General Purpose Temperature Sensor for Semi-Solid and Liquid BS Series

Days to Ship 4 Day(s) or more
Product TypeThermometer (External Sensor Type)
Temperature Measuring Range(°C)-200~500
Temperature minimal display(°C)-
Drip-proof and Waterproof function-
Operating Temperature Range(°C)-
Humidity Minimal Display(%RH)-
Measured humidity range(%RH)-
Heat Stroke Index display range(°C)-
Primary Color-
Color after discoloration-


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