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Grinding Stones for Flat Surfaces(Hole Diameter:12.7 (included collar 9.53))

Flat surface grinding wheels are grinding wheels for shaving the surface of an object. Ordinary machine parts are ground and finished by the processes of casting, forging, cutting and heat treatment. Flat surface grinding is the most used type of cutting, and requirements in terms of dimensional accuracy and surface roughness are strict. Grinding wheels are disc-shaped and are composed of the three elements of abrasive grain, binder, and pores. Flat surface grinding wheels can be made of steel alloy, ordinary steel, stainless steel, or non-metallic material, and a broad range of machining can be done with them. If made of ceramic material, they can also handle cemented carbide or cast iron. In order to grind well, it is important to select a grinding wheel that fits the purpose of the work, so grit size, grade, and the like must be confirmed in addition to taking into consideration type of abrasive grain and binder, bond, and the like as well.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
abrasive grain
Particle Size(#)
Outer Diameter(mm)
Hole Diameter(mm)

    Grinder Expert Diamond



    Product Series

    Grinder Expert Diamond

    Days to Ship 6 Day(s) or more
    abrasive grain-
    Particle Size(#)120
    Outer Diameter(mm)125
    Hole Diameter(mm)12.7 (included collar 9.53)


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