Wrenches / Offset Wrenches / Ratchet Wrenches(Width across flat dimension:5.5×6×7×8)

An online store for wrenches / offset wrenches / ratchet wrenches. In MISUMI's e-catalog, products with high workability and cost performance are available. Since it is possible to select wrenches / offset wrenches / ratchet wrenches widely for every work context, anyone can easily find their desired hand tool.
Choose your favorite item from the product shelf, boasting low cost and high quality.
[What are wrenches / offset wrenches / ratchet wrenches?]
Tools such as wrenches / offset wrenches / ratchet wrenches are used for a wide range of users from professionals to general household DIY and can be said to be the most popular manual tools.
These tools are used in many fields such as the manufacturing industry, construction industry, and repair industry.
With few difficult techniques or usage methods, it can be said that anyone can use it easily.
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Product Series
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Ratchet mechanism
Swivel (flex)
Overall Length(mm)
Offset Angle(°)
Width across flat dimension(mm)
Width across flat dimension(Inch)
Single Product/Set Classification

    Plate Ratchet Wrench

      4-Size Board Ratchet Wrench




      Product Series

      Plate Ratchet Wrench

      4-Size Board Ratchet Wrench

      Days to Ship 2 Day(s) or more 2 Day(s) or more
      TypePlate Ratchet WrenchPlate Ratchet Wrench
      Ratchet mechanismAvailableAvailable
      Swivel (flex)NANA
      Overall Length(mm)121115 ~ 240
      Offset Angle(°)--
      Width across flat dimension(mm)5.5×6×7×85.5×6×7×8 ~ 13×14×15×17
      Width across flat dimension(Inch)--
      Single Product/Set ClassificationSingle ItemSingle Item / Set Product


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