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Wrenches (Insulated)

A wrench (insulated) is a tool used to tighten bolts and nuts. There are a wide variety of wrenches, and you need to select one according to your application. The box wrench has a loop at the end of the handle and is attached to the top of the bolt. The adjustable wrench is a type whose width can be adjusted according to the bolt. The correct name is an adjustable wrench. The combination wrench combines the functions of a spanner and a box wrench. In addition, there are torque wrenches used for tightening nuts, hex keys used for assembling furniture, and socket wrenches used in combination with a socket and handle. In addition, there is also a crowfoot wrench suitable for working in a narrow space where a wrench does not fit, so you can improve work efficiency. The material used is plastic with high withstand voltage and high insulation performance.
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