Disk Grinders (Electric)

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Grindstone diameter(φ/mm)
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Cord Length(m)

    Disk grinder 550 W

      Adjusting Pin Wrench


      E VALUE


      Product Series

      Disk grinder 550 W

      Adjusting Pin Wrench

      Days to Ship Quote 2 Day(s) or more
      Product TypeDisc grinderParts, Accessories
      Grindstone diameter(φ/mm)100-
      Part Type-Assembling tool
      Speed change function Y/NNA-
      Number of load-free rotations(min-1)11000-
      2 Layer Isolation Function AvailabilityAvailable-
      Power Supply(V)AC100-
      Rated Current(A)5.7-
      Power Consumption(W)550-
      Cord Length(m)2.3-


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