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Disk Grinders (Electric)

Disk grinders (electric) are tools for polishing and cutting that have a disk-shaped grinding wheel or blade attached to the tip. A cut-off wheel, diamond saw blade, diamond cup, grinding wheel, grinding disk/paper, etc. can be attached to the tip tool of the main body, enabling a wide range of applications. The disk grinder can be battery-powered or AC-powered. There are types with different rotational speeds for AC-powered models. Some are better suited than others for cutting and polishing work depending on the rotational speed, so it is important to select one according to the application it is used for. If not specified for the model, it has other functions, so it may be compatible depending on the work. Rechargeable battery voltage is 14.4 V, 18 V, or 36 V, with the main type being 18 V. Single-phase 100 V power supply is mainly used for the AC power supply.
Days to Ship
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  • 3 Day(s) or Less
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Product Type
Grindstone diameter(φ/mm)
Part Type
Speed change function Y/N
Number of load-free rotations(min-1)
2 Layer Isolation Function Availability
Power Supply(V)
Rated Current(A)
Power Consumption(W)
Cord Length(m)

    Adjusting Pin Wrench

      Disk grinder 550 W



      E VALUE

      Product Series

      Adjusting Pin Wrench

      Disk grinder 550 W

      Days to Ship 3 Day(s) or more 3 Day(s) or more
      Product TypeParts, AccessoriesDisc grinder
      Grindstone diameter(φ/mm)-100
      Part TypeAssembling tool-
      Speed change function Y/N-NA
      Number of load-free rotations(min-1)-11000
      2 Layer Isolation Function Availability-Available
      Power Supply(V)-AC100
      Rated Current(A)-5.7
      Power Consumption(W)-550
      Cord Length(m)-2.3


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