Micro Grinders (Pneumatic)(Chuck inner diameter:ø2.0)

An online store for micro grinders (pneumatic pressure). In MISUMI's e-catalog, compact and highly workable micro grinders (pneumatic) are available. Since it is possible to select from a wide range for every work context, you can easily find the desired micro grinder (pneumatic).
Choose your favorite item from the product shelf, boasting low cost and high quality.
[How to use micro grinders (pneumatic pressure)]
This is a pneumatic tool used for deburring, chamfering and polishing when processing various types of parts. It can be used with various base work materials, and is often used in contexts such as molds, glass, casting, complicated finishing, internal grinding, gear and chamfering.
Although it was only for professional use until a while ago, many products that can be used even in home DIY are now for sale, and the range of users has also expanded.
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Product Series
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Chuck inner diameter(mm)
Number of load-free rotations(rpm)
Main Body, Related Products
Operating Air Pressure(Mpa)
Overall Length(mm)

    Collet chuck CHS group



    Product Series

    Collet chuck CHS group

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    Chuck inner diameter(mm)ø2.0
    Number of load-free rotations(rpm)-
    Main Body, Related ProductsRelated Product
    Operating Air Pressure(Mpa)-
    Overall Length(mm)23.5


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