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A band saw is a band-shaped saw blade having the function of cutting metal by rotating at high speed with an electric tool or machine. In MISUMI's e-catalog, by specifying specifications/dimensions such as brand, total length, number of teeth, material to be cut, width, thickness, material by clicking, band saw that is highly resilient and hard to break can be easily selected.

[Before using the band saw] The band saw is selected according to the applicable machine, and the cutting edge material and number of teeth differ depending on the material to be cut. In addition, an appropriate saw speed and feed speed are required while machining: basically, soft cutting materials are cut quickly, and hard ones are cut slowly. If the cutting time is too fast or too slow, it will lead to band saw breakage or wear, resulting in premature wear and tear.
[Number of teeth] The number of teeth per inch. The lower teeth count, the coarser it is. When selecting the number of teeth, select a large number of teeth if the cutting length is long. Unequal numbers of teeth are also available It has the effect of reducing resonance. For example, if 4 teeth and 6 teeth are arranged in a mixed manner, it is written as "4/6".
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