ADDA Boards/Cabinet Parts

Comprehensive Fan Maker with Abundant Experience Exporting Goods to Japanese Companies
Company Name
ADDA Corporation
Approx. 4,285
Grasping the Trends of the Time, Making the Jump
ADDA Corporation is a fan manufacturer founded in 1979 in Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan.
At the time of founding it was a manufacturer of transformers, cables, cassette decks and various other electrical components; however, in anticipation of the arrival of the computer era in the late 80s several of these products were abandoned in favor of concentrating resource management on the production of computer fans. This stunning prediction allowed them to carve a new path as a manufacturer, establishing themselves as a world-leading comprehensive fan manufacturer.
Product development speed has been increased in order to cater to the globalization of recent years, with particular emphasis placed on the development of ecological products, for which there is increasing demand.