MEAN WELL Switching Power Supplies

Taiwan's No.1 Standard Power Supply Manufacturer with a Global Top-Class Sales Record
Company Name
MEAN WELL Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Approx. 2,000
Aiming to be the No.1 Manufacturer of Standard Power Supplies
MEAN WELL Enterprises Co., Ltd. is currently a standard power supply manufacturer with a world top-class sales scope.
From soon after establishment the company has focused on sales of its own brand, becoming a middle end "best price-to-performance ratio" (not the highest quality but also not the cheapest product) product provider that fulfilled market needs and achieved rapid growth.
The company currently has 4 subsidiaries in China (Guangzhou, Suzhou), United States and Europe, coordinating with over 200 more agencies worldwide as a global manufacturer with a sales network spanning over 70 countries and regions. In particular, the company boasts overwhelming brand power in the Taiwanese and Chinese markets, achieving the top market share.