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Product Series
Days to Ship
Unit Combination
Outlet Flow Rate(l/min)
Exit Flow Rate [Distinction](l/min)
Outlet Open Air Pressure Dew-point(℃)
Supply Side, Connection Type
Inlet Air Temperature(℃)
Inlet Air Pressure(MPa)
Supply Side, Plumbing Thread Nominal
Supply Side, Connecting Tube Diameter
Supply Side, Tube Flange Nominal
Control Side, Connection Type
Control Side, Plumbing Thread Nominal
Control Side, Connecting Tube Diameter
Control Side, Tube Flange Nominal

    Air Dryer (Moderate Pressure) Single Phase 200/220V



    Product Series

    Air Dryer (Moderate Pressure) Single Phase 200/220V

    Days to Ship 8 Day(s) or more
    MethodAir Cooled Type
    Unit Combination-
    Outlet Flow Rate(l/min)-
    Exit Flow Rate [Distinction](l/min)-
    Outlet Open Air Pressure Dew-point(℃)15
    Supply Side, Connection TypeRc(R)
    Inlet Air Temperature(℃)55
    Inlet Air Pressure(MPa)1.57
    Supply Side, Plumbing Thread Nominal1/2
    Supply Side, Connecting Tube Diameter-
    Supply Side, Tube Flange Nominal-
    Control Side, Connection TypeRc(R)
    Control Side, Plumbing Thread Nominal1/2
    Control Side, Connecting Tube Diameter-
    Control Side, Tube Flange Nominal-


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