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Slide Screws, Change Nuts(Lead:05)

A slide screw is a part that converts the rotary motion transmitted from the motor into linear motion using a screw, and is a type of feed screw. The structure combines a thread shaft and nut. Products made from various materials are available. Select according to the application. The thread shaft is often made from highly durable and versatile stainless steel, but carbon steel for mechanical structures (S45C) may be used for extra strength or aluminum may be used for a lightweight and corrosion-resistant design. The nut is often made from PPS resin that has high sliding performance and heat resistance, but corrosion-resistant brass (BSBM) or abrasion-resistant or low coefficient of friction bronze casting (BC6) may also be used. Slide screws are used in the movable part of precision equipment such as semiconductor manufacturing installations or electronic devices, depending on the screw size and material.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Shaft End Shape
Thread Position
Nominal of Thread D(Ø)
Overall Length L(mm)

    Slide Screw P/M/S-MSS Series

      Smoothy Screw




      Product Series

      Slide Screw P/M/S-MSS Series

      Smoothy Screw

      • 2D
      Days to Ship 5 Day(s) or more 43 Day(s) or more
      Shaft End ShapeStraight Type (No Machining on the Shaft End) / Nut OnlyStraight Type (No Machining on the Shaft End)
      TypeSlide ScrewSlide Screw
      Thread PositionRight-Hand ThreadRight-Hand Thread
      Nominal of Thread D(Ø)4 ~ 1516 ~ 25
      Lead1 ~ 365
      Overall Length L(mm)100 ~ 500300 ~ 2000


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