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Nuts for Lead Screws(Material:Aluminum)

30-degree trapezoidal lead screw nuts are nuts used with 30-degree trapezoidal lead screws (a type of feed screw). Nuts are used when using screws to connect multiple parts. In addition to use as fasteners, 30-degree trapezoidal lead screw nuts can be used to help convert feed screw rotary motion into linear motion. Various sizes designed for different screw sizes are available. There are also designs such as round flange, straight and block shapes. The nuts are made of materials such as steel, stainless steel and resin such as iglidur high-function polymer. Materials that minimize energy loss are suitable for motion conversion applications. Using resin nuts potentially enables operation without lubrication or oiling. Stainless steel nuts are highly corrosion-resistant.
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    Brackets for Lead Screws



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    Brackets for Lead Screws

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    TypeNut Bracket
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    Nominal of Thread D(Ø)-
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    Nut Outer Dia. Dn(Ø)-
    Installation Method-
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    Nut Length Ln(mm)-
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