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Product Series
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Thermocouple Type
Sheath, Protecting Tube Material
Thermocouple Structure
Operating Environment
Number of Elements
Sheath, Protecting Tube Shape
Probe Dia. d(Ø)
Lead Wire Protection, L Selection(mm)
Attaching Portion Shape

    Temperature Sensor Series E52 Low Cost Type



    Product Series

    Temperature Sensor Series E52 Low Cost Type

    • 2D / 3D
    Days to Ship 4 Day(s) or more
    TypeThermocouple / Temperature Measuring Resistor
    Thermocouple TypeK / J
    Sheath, Protecting Tube MaterialStainless Steel
    Thermocouple StructureIsolated Neutral Type / Grounded Type
    Operating EnvironmentStandard
    Number of Elements-
    Sheath, Protecting Tube ShapeStraight
    Probe Dia. d(Ø)-
    Lead Wire Protection, L Selection(mm)-
    Attaching Portion ShapeTapered Thread (R1/8) ~ Sleeve


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