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An online store for keyless bushings (fastening fittings). In MISUMI's e-catalog, specifications and dimensions such as the shaft hole diameter, allowable torque, main body material, surface processing, boss diameter and delivery date can be selected in single clicks, making it easy to find the desired keyless bushing.

[What is a keyless bushing (fastening fitting)?]
A keyless bushing is a fastener that can fix shafts and hubs (gear, sprocket, pulley, etc.) without key grooving. By tightening the bolt, drag and friction force are generated in the tapered fitting part, causing it to fasten by the resultant force.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Body Material
Shaft Bore Dia. d(Ø)
Allowable Torque Range(N•m)
Surface Treatment
Hub Dia.(Ø)
Tightening Structure
Tightening Method
Allowable Torque(N•m)

    SP Bushing



    Product Series

    SP Bushing

    Days to Ship 4 Day(s) or more
    Body MaterialSteel
    Shaft Bore Dia. d(Ø)11 ~ 75
    Allowable Torque Range(N•m)-
    Surface TreatmentNone
    Hub Dia.(Ø)47.6 ~ 107.93
    Tightening StructureSingle Cone Type
    Tightening MethodMechanical Type (Wedge Type)
    Allowable Torque(N•m)-


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