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Safety/Protection Supplies(Page2)

Safety & protection supplies are used for protecting interior such as floors and walls, and for slip prevention, soundproofing and vibration isolation. Chair leg caps that can help protect floors from wear and tear, anti-slip stair nosing, soundproof/anti-vibration mats and pads for office equipment, and products to prevent shelves, etc., from falling over in case of earthquakes are included. Materials used for safety & protection supplies are mostly rubber that absorbs shocks, but some are made of felt and some are with self-adhesive tapes. Select an appropriate item for the place to use or the purpose of use. As for the products for earthquakes, you can select from the various types including aseismatic mats and glass shatter-resistant films, as well as metal fittings such as locks that prevent the doors from opening freely and stoppers to secure to the walls.
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