Plastic Pipe Fittings(Applicable Tube O.D., D (D1):17X17X13)

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Applicable Fluid
Connection Type
Connection Type - Equal Diameter Tube
Connection Type - Unequal Diameter Tube
Connection Type - Thread, Tube Direction
Connection Type - Thread, Tube Branch
Applicable Tube Material
Applicable Tube O.D., D (D1)(φ)
Applicable Tube O.D., D2(φ)
Connection Thread Type
Thread Nominal
Maximum Operating Pressure(MPa)
Surface Treatment

    J One Quick-2 Reducing Tee



    Product Series

    J One Quick-2 Reducing Tee

    Days to Ship Quote
    MaterialOther Resins
    Applicable FluidWater / Air
    Connection TypeTube to Tube, Unequal Diameter
    Connection Type - Equal Diameter Tube-
    Connection Type - Unequal Diameter TubeTee
    Connection Type - Thread, Tube Direction-
    Connection Type - Thread, Tube Branch-
    Applicable Tube MaterialPolyethylene / Polybutene
    Applicable Tube O.D., D (D1)(φ)17X17X13
    Applicable Tube O.D., D2(φ)-
    Connection Thread Type-
    Thread Nominal-
    Maximum Operating Pressure(MPa)1
    Surface Treatment-


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