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Elastic Pipe Fittings(Wetted Materials:Steel)

Fluid piping fittings are sometimes referred to as fluid couplings, which are also called couplings, fittings, luer locks, or simply fittings, joints and connectors.
A telescopic joint fitting refers to a joint/pipe having a structure capable of absorbing axial expansion and contraction caused by temperature change etc.
It is a movable pipe fitting for absorbing contraction in the longitudinal direction of the pipe due to pressure change and temperature change of the piping system, which absorbs expansion and contraction by a bellows type expansion joint fitting or a bellows-shaped metal cylinder.
It is mainly used for piping of water, hot water, steam and oil. The packing retainer should be tightened after a certain period to prevent leakage of liquid and promote safe use.
Since the telescopic part of the telescopic joint fitting is made so that it can freely expand and contract, it cannot resist the thrust generated by the internal pressure: therefore be aware that there is a risk of the telescopic part being damaged unless measures to suppress thrust are taken.
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Fitting Type
Applicable Fluid
Connecting Part Type
Wetted Materials
Connecting Part Material
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Maximum Operating Pressure(MPa)

    Vibration Proof Fitting, Non-weld, Flange Type 10 K



    Product Series

    Vibration Proof Fitting, Non-weld, Flange Type 10 K

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    Fitting TypeBellows Shape
    Applicable FluidWater
    Connecting Part TypeFlange
    Wetted MaterialsSteel
    Connecting Part MaterialStainless
    Nominal Diameter50A ~ 150A
    Maximum Operating Pressure(MPa)1


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