Check Valves(Supply Side, Tube Flange Nominal:20B)

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Applicable Fluid
Nominal Pressure
Supply Side, Connection Type
Supply Side, Plumbing Thread Nominal
Supply Side, Tube Flange Nominal
Control Side, Connection Type
Control Side, Plumbing Thread Nominal
Control Side, Tube Flange Nominal
Max. Operating Pressure(MPa)
Cracking Pressure(MPa)

    Straight Type SM Type JIS10K 



    Product Series

    Straight Type SM Type JIS10K 

    Days to Ship Quote
    Applicable FluidWater
    Nominal Pressure10K
    MaterialCast Iron
    Supply Side, Connection TypeFlange
    Supply Side, Plumbing Thread Nominal-
    Supply Side, Tube Flange Nominal20B
    Control Side, Connection TypeFlange
    Control Side, Plumbing Thread Nominal-
    Control Side, Tube Flange Nominal20B
    Max. Operating Pressure(MPa)0.98
    Cracking Pressure(MPa)-


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