Safety Valves, Control Valves(Thermostatic Valve Model:Pilot Type for Heating)

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Product Series
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Regulating Valve / Safety Valve Type
Applicable Fluid
Pressure Relief Valve Shape
Thermostatic Valve Model
Safety Valve Type
Max. Applicable Pressure(MPa)
Max. Fluid Temperature(℃)
Body Material
Valve Nominal Diameter
Connection Type
Supply Side, Screw Connection Types
Supply Side, Flange Connection Types
Supply Side, Other Connection Types
Supply Side, Plumbing Thread Nominal
Supply Side, Tube Flange Nominal
Supply Side, Plumbing Pipe Dia.(φ)
Control Side, Thread Connection Type
Control Side, Flange Connection Type
Control Side, Other Connection Type
Control Side Plumbing Pipe Thread Nominal
Control Side, Tube Flange Nominal
Body Lining

    Temperature Regulating Valve OB-2000 Series



    Product Series

    Temperature Regulating Valve OB-2000 Series

    Days to Ship Quote
    Regulating Valve / Safety Valve TypeThermostatic Valve
    Applicable FluidSteam
    Pressure Relief Valve Shape-
    Thermostatic Valve ModelPilot Type for Heating
    Safety Valve Type-
    Max. Applicable Pressure(MPa)0.11~1 ~ 1.01~2
    Max. Fluid Temperature(℃)220
    Body Material-
    Valve Nominal Diameter-
    Connection TypeSame Diameter Connection
    Supply Side, Screw Connection TypesRc
    Supply Side, Flange Connection TypesJIS 10K Flange
    Supply Side, Other Connection Types-
    Supply Side, Plumbing Thread Nominal1B ~ 3/4B
    Supply Side, Tube Flange Nominal15A ~ 100A
    Supply Side, Plumbing Pipe Dia.(φ)-
    Control Side, Thread Connection TypeRc
    Control Side, Flange Connection TypeJIS 10K Flange
    Control Side, Other Connection Type-
    Control Side Plumbing Pipe Thread Nominal1B ~ 3/4B
    Control Side, Tube Flange Nominal15A ~ 100A
    Body Lining-


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