Rod End Bearings, Spherical Bearings(Rod End Bearing Type:Link Ball Straight)

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[What is a rod end bearing?]
It is mainly designed for rocking motion and moves like a human joint.
It is also used for helicopters, trains and cars.

It has a structure in which a spherical surface makes contact with a steel ball with a hole
to allow the shaft to go through and a threaded bearing housing.

The allowable inclination angle is generally larger than the ball bearing, and since the housing is available in male and female thread types,
it can be selectively used according to the product.
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Product Series
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Rod End Bearing Type
Spherical Bearing Type
Main Body Material
Connecting Screw M
Inner Dia. d(Ø)
Connecting Thread Shape
Connecting Thread Direction
Ball Material
Liner Material
Allowable Incline Angle α(deg)
Lubrication Method

    Rod End Bearings - Link Ball Straight Type

      Link BallHolder Part Male ScrewRBI Type




      Product Series

      Rod End Bearings - Link Ball Straight Type

      Link BallHolder Part Male ScrewRBI Type

      • 2D / 3D
      • 2D / 3D
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      TypeRod End BearingsRod End Bearings
      Rod End Bearing TypeLink Ball StraightLink Ball Straight
      Spherical Bearing Type--
      Main Body MaterialHigh Strength Zinc AlloyHigh Strength Zinc Alloy
      Connecting Screw MM5 ~ M16M5 ~ M16
      Inner Dia. d(Ø)--
      Connecting Thread Shape-Threaded
      Connecting Thread DirectionRight-hand Thread / Left-hand ThreadRight-hand Thread / Left-hand Thread
      Ball Material-Steel
      Liner Material--
      Allowable Incline Angle α(deg)17 ~ 2517 ~ 25
      Lubrication Method-Lubrication


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